JT Walker’s Hale to the Chief

American IPA (Champaign County Brewing Co – Mahomet, IL) 7% Hourglass Pilsner (4.50)

chief-final-texturedThis is our flagship beer and our pride and joy. Named for the famed Illini Indians that inhabited this region of the country back in the 1700’s. French settlers to the region called the Natives “Illini” after _____. Known for their short hair on top and long hair on the sides, the Illini also covered themselves in tattoos and painted their faces and bodies with red and black paint. They settled around bodies of water and grew maize as their main crop. Hale to the Chief is 7% abv. The malt in the beer, which is usually comprised of all barley, will contain a portion of corn. Corn is clean, yet sweet. This IPA focuses on a nice hop and malt balance. This beer has all of the bursting flavor and aroma that is expected from an American hopped IPA. (I’m going to work on this and send you a cleaned up copy.)

Pairing – Used in our beer cheese soup and our house-made beer batter, this beer goes with everything and is good year round.


JT Walker’s 47 & 74

Scotch Ale (Champaign County Brewing Co – Mahomet, IL) 7.4% Goblet (5)

47and74-final-texturedMahomet is located between route 47 and Interstate 74. We are just off the beaten path, but we are not that far away from anywhere in Central Illinois, so come on by. Brewed to be 47 IBU’s and 7.4% abv, this beer is marked by a caramel sweetness with a nice roasted flavor. We took a bold approach with this beer adding a bigger hop profile than in your typical scotch ale in order to ease the sweetness and make this beer more multidimensional.

Pairing – This beer goes great with heavy dishes. It pairs well with steak, burgers, and heavy cream dishes like JT Walker’s Grown-Up Mac n’ Cheese.



JT Walker’s Bulldog

Brown Ale (Champaign County Brewing Co – Mahomet, IL) 6% Dimpled Stein (4.50)

bulldog-final-texturedNamed after the mascot at Mahomet-Seymour High School, this grumpy old time dog has had a good run and is ready to hangout and relax. Bulldog Brown Ale is a smooth, easy drinking beer with multiple flavors. There are hints of caramel, chocolate, and toasted bread, with a mild hop aroma. So sit back, relax and take a load off, while you enjoy a great beer at any time of the year.

Pairing – Bulldog Brown Ale can go with a multitude of food offerings. Try it with hot wings or an Italian Beef sandwich.



JT Walker’s Orange & Blue

Belgian-Style Witbeir (Champaign County Brewing Co – Mahomet, IL) 5% Tulip (5)

orange-n-blue-final-texturedThe colors orange and blue are sononimus with this area. They are the colors of our local high school and the University of Illinois. Witbeir is a style from Belgium. It is a light-colored wheat beer. Wheat beers are made up of a mix of wheat and barley. The Belgian yeast gives subtle flavors of banana and clove. Orange citrus and real blueberries are added to the beer in order to give it the Orange & Blue flavor that is perfect for warmer weather.

Pairing – This beer goes great with salads, chicken wraps, and the blackened yellowfin tuna.



JT Walker’s Nine Gals

Saison (Champaign County Brewing Co – Mahomet, IL) 5.5% Belgian Glass (4.50)

9gals-final-texturedNine Gals is a tavern that existed in Mahomet in the late 19th century, early 20th century. Legend has it that the owner had nine daughters and that they all had red hair. Abraham Lincoln is believed to have stopped in sometimes, but never partook in the festivities… he wasn’t much of a drinker. Saison is the French word for season. French and Belgian farmers would brew a crisp, drinkable beer ahead of time to be consumed by workers during the hot summer season. Saison styles are already famous for having spicy, peppery notes, and we have complimented that with pounds of real ginger root. Nine Gals Ginger Saison is a beer all its’ own.

Pairing – This beer goes great with seafood such as salmon, tuna and shrimp.



(20 oz beers up charge $2 per beer.)

(32 oz Botttle – $3 deposit, $7-$7.50)

(2L Growlers – $20 deposit, Refill – $14-$15)